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For contract interaction:
The URLs below are for Polygon, with the base URL being


  • Retrieve a list of tokens and info for each token
  • USD amounts are multiplied by (10 ** 30)
  • Token amounts are multiplied by (10 ** token.decimals)


The tokens endpoint will return the current prices in the contract, these prices are used for swaps, GLP minting / redeeming. For opening and closing positions, the realtime median prices are used, to get these values:


  • Retrieve a list of actions, these will include swaps, increasing a position, decreasing a position, orders and liquidations
  • Params:
    • account (optional): pass in the checksum address of an account
    • after (optional): for pagination, the id to start after
  • To get the checksum address:, you can also use a library like ethers


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